Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PHMS Podcasts are here!!!!!

PHMS math podcasts ARE HERE!!!!! Click on PHMS Podcasts - Math Minutes.
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

8th graders State Assessment Practice:

Today, the 8th graders in my 3rd hour class were given a list of practice topics to help prepare them for the state assessment.  They are being asked to do 50 problems per week for the next 11 weeks.  The points they accumulate will be recorded as a test result in the 4th quarter.  I have already checked online and am excited to see that many of my students have already tackled some of the problems and even MASTERED some concepts.  WAY TO GO!!!!  I will be watching!

This is a list of the IXL topics and categories for those of you that happen to misplace your paper:

Jan 5 – Jan 8 A.8 C.3 C.7
Jan 9 – Jan 15 C.9 V.9 V.11
Jan 16 – Jan 22 J.7 D.1
Jan 23 – Jan 29 H.6 H.9 H.11
Jan 30 – Feb 5 J.4 J.7 J.9
Feb 6 – Feb 12 K.7 K.5 O.1
Feb 13 – Feb 19 O.2 O.4 O.5
Feb20 – Feb 26 S.7 T.2 U.3
Feb 27 – Mar 5 V.1 V.4 Z.2
Mar 6 – Mar 12 Z.1 AA.1 AA.4
Mar 13 – Mar 19 AA.7 BB.1