Friday, March 29, 2013

April 1 - 5

Block Schedule this week starting on Tuesday - Friday for State Science Testing

7th grade:
This week we will cover Box and Whisker Plots, Misleading Data and Statistics.

8th grade:
Area of Polygons, Circles along with Problem Solving

Wrap up Chapter 11 with a Test on Friday over Part 2 of Chapter 11.
A calculator will be allowed.

All classes (except Algebra) will take the State Math Assessment the week of April 15th.
Please encourage your child to be preparing for this assessment.

Friday, March 1, 2013

March 4 - 8

Grade 7:
Mon:  Formula Test and Area review on IXL
Tue:  Area Test
Wed:  Understanding Surface Area
Thur:  Surface Area worksheet
Fri:  No school

Grade 8:
Mon:  Line of Best Fit worksheet
Tue:  Review
Wed:  Stats Test
Thur:  Probability
Fri:  No school

Mon:  10/8:  1 - 20, 29
Tue:  10/9 , Review
Wed:  Review
Thur:  Test (during seminar and 5th hour)
Fri:  No school